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OUT NOW ON FIRE AND FLAMES MUSIC Radical Politics & Rock’n’Roll Since 2002 FFM047 Les Partisans – officiel/The Inciters „Meeting Soul“ 7″ FFM046 Quartier Libre „Un peu juste…“ CD FFM045 RPG-7 Oficial „Vuelta al Barrio“ LP FFM044 Stumbling Pins „Common Angst LP/CD …get it in the shop

Letztes Musikupdate 2016

+++ Angry Cats, The – Rock’n’Riot in town EP CD +++ Angry Cats, The – s/t EP CD +++ Angry Cats, The – Outmonster the monster CD +++ Arrested Denial / The Bayonettes – Split EP +++ Aut Aut – Musica Di Periferia LP +++ Black Flag – Demos 1982 LP +++ Brigada Flores Magon [...] weiterlesen