Fire and Flames 2018

All at a glance 2018 really was no bad year for our little ultraleft underground music label. Big thanks to all the wonderful artists who entrusted their brilliant work to our chaotic safekeeping: Bull Brigade, Docnest, Enraged Minority, Flag Smasher, Fontanelle, Mister X BY Streetpunk, Moscow Death Brigade, Non Servium, The Spartanics, Urban Vietcong, Sharp Cut and What We Feel. Also thanks to all the great international labels who helped to make this possible by solidary collaboration: Audiolith Records, Casual Records Music, Motorcity Produzioni, Panda Artist, Rebel Sound, Rebel Time Records, Rumagna Sgroza Records and True Rebel Store.

We also remember the countless resounding nights with our lovely comrades from everywhere in several cities of this planet. Big cheers to Manchester, Montréal, Paris, Potsdam, Leipzig and wherever we’ve been warmly welcomed by the best people you can imagine.

Thanks also to Big Banders & the Hoccitus, Brixton Cats (again) Enraged Minority, Ernst Busch Chor Kiel, Кальк, (again) Mister X BY Streetpunk, (again) Moscow Death Brigade, PÖBEL MC & Milli Dance WTG, Schwach, Soul On Crew and (again) What We Feel for visiting us at home to play shows for us.

Thanks to our Gaarden Punx and Antifa crew, to our local friends and comrades for your enduring support, help, criticism or just for being with us, impossible without you!

Thanks to Kunst und Kampf (Bernd Langer) and everyone else who was involved to the Revolutionsstadt Kiel campaign for putting up something very special together with us. Thanks to all you comrades who worked hard to keep up the resistance against fascist threat, capitalist exploitation, patriarchy and racist world order even if these hard struggles seem to be hopeless from time to time. Fire and Flames is for you and was nothing without you.

Sadly we also have to thank our comrade Simon one very last time, who decided to stop his lifelong brave struggle against his congenital disease this month. We remember him as a great sound engineer who helped us out several times, as the original drummer of the Stumbling Pins, or just as the always smart, straight and funny Punkrock guy from our neighborhood we had the pleasure to meet for many years. We’ll miss your smile – forever in our hearts.

Thanks also to everyone we couldn’t mention here by name, you know who you are and we’ll meet again in 2019.
Stay true brothers and sisters – ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

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