Los Fastidios – The Sound Of Revolution

♫♫♫ “Everbody needs, everbody loves, everybody wants the sound of Revolution” ♫♫♫ [NEW IN STORE] LOS FASTIDIOS – THE SOUND OF REVOLUTION CD The cd-player in our Fire and Flames headquarter faces a collapse because the new Los Fastidios CD is running non-stop the whole day. Twelve tracks between streetpunk, ska, rocksteady and rock’n’roll with [...] read more

Music Update!

LOOOONG TIME NO MUSIC SECTION UPDATES AT THIS POINT … SO HERE THEY ARE: THE NEW STUFF OVERVIEW OF THE LAST MONTHS: +++ Acero Moretti – Storia di un Disoccupato CD +++ Action Sedition / Bull Brigade – Split 10″ +++ Adversion – Poder y Gloria CD +++ Afonia / Titadine – Split 7’’ +++ [...] read more

Action Sédition / Bull Brigade 10″ Split “Héritiers Des Luttes D’hier, Militants d’Aujourd’hui” OUT NOW!

[FINALLY OUT NOW] Sensational split 10″ EP of Montreal’s Action Sédition and Torino’s Bull Brigade – two of the best active bands in antifascist and class struggling streetpunk of these days paying tribute to Brigada Flores Magon – one of the most important bands in antifascist and class struggling streetpunk ever. One cover song each [...] read more