Fire and Flames Music

Fire and Flames Music is a label with a very clear political identity. Our aim is not only to release good music, but to release good music with a message we can support. Most of us involved with Fire and Flames feel comfortable with a rough categorization under “anarchist,” but we are aware of the fact that we are running a cultural project and not a strictly political organization. Therefore, we are generally willing to work with bands that fall somewhere under the umbrella of anti-state and left leaning.

Beside the music label we produce our own T-shirts and apparel collections under the label Fire and Flames Riotwear.

In our onlineshop we have listed, beside our our own publications, many more records and CDs from the fields of Punk, Hardcore, Oi, Ska, Reggae, Hip Hop etc., other clothing brands, a graffiti section, stickers, books and much more.

Since June 2013, the comrades that founded FF in 2002 were no longer able to maintain and keep up the FF project for a bunch of reasons. But that’s not the end of the story! All participants agreed that in times like these, the mediation of anti-fascist and radical left counter-culture is more important than ever… and so a new collective was formed in Kiel to take over and continue the Fire and Flames project!

Speaking of messages: Fire and Flames has always been a project of the antifascist, libertarian and militant left movement, and it will remain exactly that. Of course FF will support political mobilizations and projects also in the future. In an older FF catalog we have found some wise words of our old FF-comrades: „lifestyle can be revolutionary, but revolution is more than lifestyle!“. So we say: activism is not about wearing a political shirt or listening to the right music, but it can be communicated through it. Urgent social and political changes for a good life for all people on this planet will be enforced through daily resistance, organized countervailing power and a solidary practice. Feel called to be part of it! We deliver the fitting clothes and the soundtrack.

The struggle continues: Let’s push things forward!

Fire and Flames collective

Fire and Flames Graffiti

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