210 – Dust In The Eyes CD now available!

The new album of Moscows hardcore band 210 is now available on CD! The band presents a big blast hardcore production, with texts about unity, friendship and fighting in a brutal world.

Out on the band’s exclusive label Unbroken Records in cooperation with Insurgence Records and powered by Fire and Flames.

Vinyl coming soon!

[Fire and Flames on tour] Copenhagen: Solidarity-concert for the anti-G20 mobilisation

Next weekend we celebrate 150 years of punkrock and support the anti-G20 mobilisation in Copenhagen. The local comrades invite to the Ungdomshuset and serve an outstanding program with Lucky Malice, The Movement, Meat First, DJ MPunkT Messer and DJ Penny Century.

Happy Birthday and Smash G20!

For further information check: http://www.ungeren.dk/kalender/2017/maj/loer-205-17.aspx

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