[FFM048 OUT NOW!] T-KILLAS – Kicking The Pressure EP

Amazing antifascist Mod-Ska-Reggae-Punk-Rock’n’Soul band from Aschaffenburg, Southern Germany, with their first vinyl release ever. Four tracks, four styles, one spirit: Take one Modern Rock stomper, one Streetpunk anthem, one Reggae tune and a piece of Two Tone mixed up with an angry but smart attitude – this is all you need to know about this 7” EP. Red vinyl. Comes with download-code. In cooperation with Grover Records and Casual Records.

Solidarity – Restock and new Sweatshirt

All sizes of “Solidarity” shirts both black and bordeaux as well as sweaters finally back in stock. And for your personal entertainment: Bordeaux sweaters for the first time ever. Unbelievable eh…!? Go help yourself!!

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“Forward, without forgetting
Where our strength can be seen now to be!
When starving or when eating
Forward, not forgetting
Our solidarity!” (Bertolt Brecht)

Los Fastidios – The Sound Of Revolution

♫♫♫ “Everbody needs, everbody loves, everybody wants the sound of Revolution” ♫♫♫


The cd-player in our Fire and Flames headquarter faces a collapse because the new Los Fastidios CD is running non-stop the whole day. Twelve tracks between streetpunk, ska, rocksteady and rock’n’roll with a clear political message and a convincing invitation to skank. Meraviglioso! Out on KobRecords Italia, powered by Fire and Flames Riotwear.

The band will be touring the whole coming year to celebrate 25 years of Los Fastidios!

MDB / DDM / OSA – Alte Meierei

Thx to 300 people rocking the Alte Meierei Kiel last Saturday. Thx to One Step Ahead, Drowning Dog and Malatesta and Moscow Death Brigade for outstanding performances, inspiring talks and several laughters. You are not just great artists but also good comrades who keep the struggle alive from the peripheries to the metropolises, from Limbach to Moscow. Huge respect to all of you. Thx also to all the good friends for their helping hands.

Now it’s time again to get back to the hard bottom of reality and to wage the struggles against the fascist and racist establishment and its extreme monsters – for open borders and an equal, solidary society.

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Stumbling Pins “COMMON ANGST” WORLD TOUR 2017

10.02. Bielefeld – AJZ w/ EIN GUTES PFERD
11.02. TBA – Need help.
13.02. Augsburg – Ballonfabrik – Fabrik Unique
14.02. TBA – Need help.
15.02. Geneva – La Makhno
16.02. Grenoble – L’engrenage
17.02. Zürich – Dynamo
18.02. Essen – Don’t Panic w/ GEDRÄNGEL

Take your chance and get in touch concerning the open dates: info[at]stumblingpins.de

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