New releases: Docnest – Born To Be Riot & Enraged Minority – A World To Win

We’re proud to be involved in these two following fine releases this spring:

Docnest – Born To Be Riot (FFM056)

New album of the St. Pauli-based duo Doc Sleiwas and Nesti Nest a.k.a. DOCNEST! Rap from Hamburg neither missing political style and attitude nor a good part of humour. Comes on beats by Stormi and Nezahr, cuts by Spion Y, and Captain Gips is also on to support this congenial crew to make this piece perfect.

Comes on 15/6/2018

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Enraged Minority – A World To Win (FFM057)


New full-length album of ENRAGED MINORITY, classwar-streetpunk from Freiburg giving hope and promoting solidarity. Streetpunk the way it should be: a powerful mix between classic Oi! and hardcore punk with some ska and rock‘n’roll influences and political texts.

Album comes in May as LP and CD on Fire and Flames Music and Casual Records.

#Catalunya: It‘s time for solidarity!

When the international anti-fascist left calls for the release of Carles Puigdemont, it is much more than the freedom of a bourgeois liberal who dared to challenge the post-Francoist central government as part of the heterogeneous Catalan independence movement. Behind this is the demand for the release of all political prisoners in the Spanish state. And behind this is an unconditional political rejection of the repressive action of the right-wing authoritarian Spanish government and the renewed henchman role of Germany. And above all, it also stands for the necessary defense of the prospect of overcoming the neoliberal lack of alternatives in Europe and, contrary to the shift to the right, to develop an egalitarian, self-governing and solidary social model that already has been realized in the program and practice of strong actors in the Catalan independence movement.

Llibertat presos polítics!

Visca la república catalana!

Solidaritat Internacional Antifeixista!

[ITEM OF THE WEEK] Ebri Knight – Guerrilla CD

Catalan folk rockers Ebri Knight presenting their fourth album „Guerrilla“. With this new work, Ebri Knight strengthen their sound by providing a more galvanic and forceful base for their songs without losing a point of the folk character that makes them so recognizable. Content related the guerrilla is a symbol of struggle with referents such as the Maquis, the historic Bandoleros or the Latin American struggles. But it is also a symbol of self-organization, of secrecy and fighting side by side against injustice. And that is what Ebri Knight claims, aware of the current situation in the country. It is also a work full of references and tributes; to women, to the poet Miguel Hernández, to the Kurdish and Irish peoples, to the workers‘ movement, to the International Brigades … A direct and forceful 12-track disc that aims to convey a message of hope, struggle and solidarity. Highly recommended by Fire and Flames!

Get your copy here: Ebri Knight – Guerilla CD

Moscow Death Brigade – Boltcutter LP/CD/DIG. (FFM055)

Moscow Death Brigade Boltcutter[OUT NOW!]

Please welcome to this sick world: Incredible Moscow Death Brigade’s new album “Boltcutter” OUT NOW on LP, CD and DIGITAL on Fire and Flames Music and Rebel Sound Records. 12 killerbee tracks of next level Circle Pit Hip-Hop against racism, fascism, sexism and bigotry to support rebellion, subversion, respect and unity of all you renegades worldwide out there.

Go here and get your copy now, you won’t regret:

Moscow Death Brigade is on tour in Germany, Poland and Switzerland in February, including support shows for Feine Sahne Fischfilet and two double-release gigs featuring What We Feel and Mister X on 23.2. in SO36 Berlin (+ Stage Bottles) and on 24.2. in the Alte Meierei Kiel.

Go here and get your copy now, you won’t regret:

Moscow Death Brigade – Boltcutter LP
Moscow Death Brigade – Boltcutter CD
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Moscow Death Brigade – Boltcutter + What We Feel / Mister X – All Against All coming soon!

The year 2018 starts with two real gems in the house of Fire and Flames Music: On the 26th of January comes the long awaited new album of Moscow Death Brigade and in February follows the split release of What We Feel and Mister X.

Moscow Death Brigade – Boltcutter (FFM055)

Moscow Death Brigade are finally catching on: In 2014, “Hoods Up” was the first ever record released by the crew from Moscow, and MDB has made numerous tours and concerts over the last three years with their unmistakable mix of punk, hardcore, hip-hop and Metal in Europe and became the world’s most famous figurehead of the Russian scene. With “Boltcutter” comes the first regular album, on which the band expands its already known style mix with elements from drum’n’bass, dancehall and techno. The result is a genre and scene-spanning musical statement that speaks out against injustice, hatred, stupidity and ignorance and has the goal to get the various subcultures at one table (or club).

The new album will be released as LP, CD and Digital on Fire and Flames Music and Rebel Sound Records. Moscow Death Brigade is on tour in Germany, Poland and Switzerland in February, including support shows for Feine Sahne Fischfilet and two double-release gigs featuring What We Feel and Mister X on 23.2. in SO36 Berlin (+ Stage Bottles) and on 24.2. in the Alte Meierei Kiel.

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What We Feel / Mister X – All Against All (FFM054)

what we feel mister x

After a longer break, What We Feel are finally starting with new material: Together with the Belarusian Oi! / Streetpunks Mister X, they are presenting an angry split-release featuring four new songs from both bands, including cover versions and an interpretation of Feine Sahne Fischfilet’sKomplett im Arsch“.

What We Feel, founded in 2005, has come a long way in the meantime: The initial cellar and pub gigs have meanwhile become major concerts and festival appearances. Nevertheless, they continue to do what they do best: straightforward hardcore without being cliched. Their themes are friendship, solidarity and the struggle for one’s own beliefs. For them, the deed usually counts for more than the word and the guidelines are the principles of hardcore and punk.

But What We Feel can not be limited on music alone, their messages are spread in films such as “Ivan. In memory of our friend “(Russia) or “Noise and Resistance “(Germany), which are often shown on their tours and used as a basis for information and discussion events. Since the beginning, the band has regularly supported various charitable initiatives and projects through benefit concerts and public relations on their tours.

Mister X founded in 2003 in Grodno, West Belarus. The band is part of the small but active anti-racist S.H.A.R.P. Scene in Belarus. The band is confronting ignorance and prejudice and does not tolerate racist, sexist, fascist, nationalist or homophobic behaviors at their concerts.

The band is traded beyond the borders of the former Soviet Republic as the flagship of the Streetpunk from Belarus.

The texts of Mister X are subculturally influenced, their commitment to anarchist projects and the squatter scene throughout Europe testifies a consistent rejection of state repressive mechanisms. Despite the dangers to life and limb of anti-fascists in the former Soviet states, the band stands by their convictions and fights the fight on all levels – because it is necessary and correct.

The split album of What We Feel and Mister X “All Against All” will be released in February 2018 as a collaboration between Audiolith and Fire and Flames.

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