40 Years Alte Meierei – non-commercial & self-determined

24.08.23 – 26.08.23 @ Alte Meierei (Hornheimer Weg 2) | Kiel

When the squatters’ houses on Sophienblatt were evicted in the summer of 1983 and had to make way for the car- and consumer-oriented inner city planning, the Alte Meierei came into being as one of the pacification and alternative objects for the squatters and their culture from the inner city. This will be the 40th anniversary in 2023.

We can now look back on four decades of collective housing and uncommercial culture in self-administration at Hornheimer Weg 2. Four decades that – although sometimes more, sometimes less lively and innovative – have left their mark on the city and on the many generations of Meierei activists. The past can be characterised as diverse, DIY, chaotic, subcultural, political, underground and certainly not without contradictions – but in any case as resistant to sell-out and subordination to the capitalist logic of exploitation, mainstream, repressive attempts at regulation by the city and fascist attacks.

We want to use the 40th Meierei birthday at the end of August 2023 as an opportunity to come together to review our common history, to toast the Meierei and, of course, to examine how the project can remain a left-wing cultural centre and housing project with emancipatory charisma in times of uncertain social upheaval for many years to come. Keep the last weekend in August free, watch out for current announcements and come by.

Meierei is here to stay!

And this is what you can expect so far:

Thursday 7pm:

Documentary film “Pepper in the Soup” and review of 40 years of Alte Meierei History(s).

Friday 6pm:


A.F.K. (HC-Punk-Thrash – Hamburg)
Drowning Dog & Malatesta (Electro Rap – Berlin/Milano/San Francisco)
Earthbong (Doom Metal – Kiel)
Union Thugs (Folk-Punk-Oi – Montréal)


Cumbia bar
80s (Princess of Power & FlashJance)
TechnoRave (NoMovement collective)

Saturday from 2pm – Inside & Outside:


Affenmesserkampf (HC/Punk – Kiel)
Braindead (Dub Punk – Hamburg)
No Sugar (Rock’n’Roll – Kiel/Hamburg/Leipzig)
Shell-Shocked (HC-Streetpunk – Berlin)


Bass Music (Wobadub Soundsystem)
Punk Rock Pub

Düt un Dat:

Acoustic concert by Anniboy (songs about life)
Information booths
Coffee & Cake
Kitchen For All
Drum workshop by Rhythms of Resistance Kiel

….and much more!