13,12% discount on 13.12.2023! We know you’ve been waiting for this!! To celebrate the international day against the uniformed thugs and snoops of the state, we’re offering you a 13.12% discount on all orders in our online shop. Just enter the voucher code: 1312 at the end of your order and everything will go its [...] read more

Save Fire and Flames – Celebrate 1312

In light of Fire and Flames’ financially precarious situation, this year we want to celebrate 13.12, one of the most important days of our counterculture, for a whole week: From 7.12. to 13.12. 2022 (CET) we offer 13,12% on every order in our online shop. Just enter the code 1312 in the shopping cart and [...] read more

With our backs to the wall – Fire and Flames calls for your support

To keep it short: Our project Fire and Flames Music and Riotwear is in a deep economic crisis and we can’t say exactly if and how things will continue. Even though we have been calculating tightly and without reserves since 2014 with the new collective and unrestrained self-exploitation was part of the concept of the [...] read more

20 Years – 20% Off on all CDs!

And here’s our next 20 years offensive to pimp your CD rack: From today until 20.10. there will be 20% discount on ALL CDs we have in shop – including all labels, novelties, rarities and cheapos! So pack your favorites, enter the discount code: 20years at the end of your order and get some high [...] read more

Fire and Flames Riotwear Hot Summer 2020

Four brand new designs plus a reprint of a good old evergreen for all you revolutionary sisters, passionate barricade builders, cop haters, rebel footballers and class-conscious workers available now! “Barricades 4 Dignity” T-Shirt | Grrlz-Shirt | Sweater „Class Pride“ T-Shirt | Grrlz-Shirt „Futbol Rebelde“ T-Shirt | Grrlz Shirt | Hoodie „Sisterhood“ T-Shirt | Grrlz-Shirt | [...] read more

SIEMPRE ANTIFASCISTA – Our solidarity against the paramilitarism in Colombia!

T-Shirt | Ladiez-Shirt In November 2016, the government of conservative Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos formally made peace with the Marxist guerrilla FARC-EP, which had been campaigning for almost half a century against the intolerable exploitation and disfranchisement of agricultural workers in Colombia. During the course of the armed conflict, the Colombian oligarchy, with the [...] read more

210 Moscow hardcore – New album!

WHAT A BLAST! Check the digital version of 210s new album “Dust in the Eyes”. 10 tracks of powerful antifascist hardcore straight outta Moscow. The record will be available around summer, both on cd and vinyl. Released on the exclusive label “Unbroken Records”, in cooperation with Insurgence Records and powered by Fire and Flames. The [...] read more

Solidarity – Restock and new Sweatshirt

All sizes of “Solidarity” shirts both black and bordeaux as well as sweaters finally back in stock. And for your personal entertainment: Bordeaux sweaters for the first time ever. Unbelievable eh…!? Go help yourself!! T-Shirt bordeaux: www.fireandflames.com/…/produ…/solidarity-t-shirt-bordeaux-2 black: www.fireandflames.com/en/product/solidarity-t-shirt Grrrlz-Shirt black: www.fireandflames.com/en/product/solidarity-t-shirt-kopie bordeaux: www.fireandflames.com/…/solidarity-tailliertes-shirt-bordea… Sweater black: www.fireandflames.com/…/product/solidarity-sweatshirt-black/ bordeaux: www.fireandflames.com/…/p…/solidarity-sweatshirt-bordeaux-en “Forward, without forgetting Where our strength [...] read more

Los Fastidios – The Sound Of Revolution

♫♫♫ “Everbody needs, everbody loves, everybody wants the sound of Revolution” ♫♫♫ [NEW IN STORE] LOS FASTIDIOS – THE SOUND OF REVOLUTION CD The cd-player in our Fire and Flames headquarter faces a collapse because the new Los Fastidios CD is running non-stop the whole day. Twelve tracks between streetpunk, ska, rocksteady and rock’n’roll with [...] read more