With our backs to the wall – Fire and Flames calls for your support

To keep it short: Our project Fire and Flames Music and Riotwear is in a deep economic crisis and we can’t say exactly if and how things will continue. Even though we have been calculating tightly and without reserves since 2014 with the new collective and unrestrained self-exploitation was part of the concept of the shop, the current situation looks even worse than usual. This year at the latest, the crisis that affects us all has also fully arrived at our side. Rising production costs, a lack of planning security due to eternal waiting times in the pressing plants and declining orders are currently tearing a hole of several thousand euros in our bank account. Mismanagement? Probably, but we have never had the pretension to be capitalistic business people, but are actually just a bunch of punks and comrades who want to keep subculture with attitude alive.

We have always seen Fire and Flames first and foremost as a political project and not as a source of financial income. It could never be the latter, because we were and still are too politically narrow-minded and DIY for that. But unfortunately it is also clear that this financial situation cannot continue for much longer if we don’t want to do it even more on the backs of those to whom we owe money and who have actually always been very patient with us.

In the last few years, many cooperations with great comrades all over the world were developed, we as a label have been able to enable great releases outside the mainstream and have reached many young and old people with the claim of a politically clearly revolutionary counterculture. Fire and Flames has become an important part of our lives and that’s why we don’t want to just give up after 20 years of Rocking against State and Capital. But for that we need your support – that means money!

Even though it’s not easy for us to ask for the money that many of you also don’t have on hand, and we fundamentally dislike the tear-jerker as a cheap marketing strategy, the simplest form of support is to buy as many of our records, our clothes and the other stuff from our shop. As an additional incentive, we’re starting a discount week today, with the ever-popular 13.12% discount on all products until the holy 13.12 (#happyacabday). More promotions and activities are sure to follow. When we have hopefully managed to pay off a few big bills together with you, we will do a big cash review and plan calmly how we will continue. Thanks in advance!

Fire and Flames Collective, December 2022