Internationalistischer Tresen: Krise, Rechtsruck und Widerstand in Argentinien

Im Dezember 2023 gewann der ultrarechte Javier Milei die Präsidentschaftswahl in Argentinien. Milei kündigte im Rahmen seines Wahlkampfes eine neoliberale Schocktherapie mitsamt Sparmaßnahmen, Privatisierungen und einer Liberalisierung der Märkte an. Ob Organe, Adoptionsrechte, Gehwege oder das Meer – alles soll auf dem Markt gehandelt werden können. Mileis Vizepräsidentin, Victoria Villaruel, ist für ihre Verteidigung der [...] read more

Fire and Flames Festival 2022

20 years of Fire and Flames Music – 20 years of rocking against state and capital Fire and Flames Festival 2022 Let’s dare it. We invite all you comrades from far and near to an international meeting of antifascist counterculture to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fire and Flames Music and Clothing. Keep the last [...] read more

Revolutionary City Walk: When the Red Flags Waved Over Kiel

A City Walk in the Footsteps of the Kiel Marines’ and Workers’ Revolt 1918 Saturday, 24.09.2022), meeting point: 1 PM Schlossgarten On a city walk through Kiel, the events of the first days of November 1918 are reconstructed at the historical sites: What happened in Kiel in November 1918? How did the revolutionaries proceed, what [...] read more

Fire and Flames Festival Warm-Up: Discussion and Film

Feministisches Café Kiel und Fire and Flames Music präsentieren: Unerschrocken revolutionär – zum Leben von Inge Viett Filmveranstaltung mit Genoss*innen der Revolutionären Perspektive Berlin 22.09.2022 | 7 PM @ Subrosa (Elisabethstr. 25, Kiel-Gaarden) After: 20 years Fire and Flames barnight with the FFM-Allstars The event will take place as part of the Fire and Flames [...] read more

Halim Dener unforgotten!

This July marks the 25th anniversary of the death of Halim Dener. Halim Dener was shot in the back by a German policeman during the night of 30 June to 1 July 1994 and died of the injuries. Halim Dener was shot dead for putting up posters of the Kurdish liberation movement that night. In [...] read more

Fire and Flames 2018

All at a glance 2018 really was no bad year for our little ultraleft underground music label. Big thanks to all the wonderful artists who entrusted their brilliant work to our chaotic safekeeping: Bull Brigade, Docnest, Enraged Minority, Flag Smasher, Fontanelle, Mister X BY Streetpunk, Moscow Death Brigade, Non Servium, The Spartanics, Urban Vietcong, Sharp [...] read more

#Catalunya: It‘s time for solidarity!

When the international anti-fascist left calls for the release of Carles Puigdemont, it is much more than the freedom of a bourgeois liberal who dared to challenge the post-Francoist central government as part of the heterogeneous Catalan independence movement. Behind this is the demand for the release of all political prisoners in the Spanish state. [...] read more

SIEMPRE ANTIFASCISTA – Our solidarity against the paramilitarism in Colombia!

T-Shirt | Ladiez-Shirt In November 2016, the government of conservative Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos formally made peace with the Marxist guerrilla FARC-EP, which had been campaigning for almost half a century against the intolerable exploitation and disfranchisement of agricultural workers in Colombia. During the course of the armed conflict, the Colombian oligarchy, with the [...] read more

UNITED WE STAND! Solidarity campaign against the summit-repression

Summit of resistance – Summit of repression – Solidarity is our weapon The G20 is over, but the work is not and there is no let up. More than 100,000 people from all different backgrounds took part and made their way to Hamburg to protest against the G20 summit. Throughout the preparation against the G20 [...] read more