Get in motion!

Lots going on here at the moment! After the shop relaunch last week we had the great Protestera as guests in the Alte Meierei, then some of us were on the equally great ULTRASH Festival in Babelsberg – bucket hat alert! Next weekend we’re off to the birthday of St. Pauli Skinheads in Hamburg and in August to Resist To Exist in Berlin. Incidentally we also work on the interior of our shop, it’s chic!

Politically we look with a crying and one laughing eye to Berlin, where Interior Minister Henkel and Co. want to evict the Rigaer street, but getting nice low kicks all the time. In Kiel, there will be an Antifa weekend with workshops soon, this is also worthwhile to come by!

In the shop there will be more updates within the nex weeks, much from our range has not yet found his way into the net, we’re working on … We want to warmly recommended you our (relatively) new Instagram account and, of course, even our latest releases and designs:


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