Shop update march

Everything here! +++ 8°6 Crew – Working Class Reggae LP+CD / CD +++ Angelic Upstarts – Anthems against scum LP +++ Angry Cats, The – Outmonster The Monster LP +++ Attila the Stockbroker’s Barnstormer – The Siege Of Shoreham CD +++ Bad Religion – Suffer LP +++ Bambix – Leitmotiv LP +++ Banda Bassotti – [...] read more

New Stuff in Town

+++ Solidarity T-Shirt and Grrlz Shirt bordeaux +++ Bahoe Books +++ Pocket Diaries +++ Hinter den Barrikaden – Eine Reise durch Nordkurdistan im Krieg +++ Wool Hats +++ Antifa Infoblatt Herbst 2016 +++ Stumbling Pins – Common Angst LP und CD and much more. Still hot: Action Sédition / Bull Brigade Split 10″ EP +++ [...] read more

Music Update!

LOOOONG TIME NO MUSIC SECTION UPDATES AT THIS POINT … SO HERE THEY ARE: THE NEW STUFF OVERVIEW OF THE LAST MONTHS: +++ Acero Moretti – Storia di un Disoccupato CD +++ Action Sedition / Bull Brigade – Split 10″ +++ Adversion – Poder y Gloria CD +++ Afonia / Titadine – Split 7’’ +++ [...] read more

Get in motion!

Lots going on here at the moment! After the shop relaunch last week we had the great Protestera as guests in the Alte Meierei, then some of us were on the equally great ULTRASH Festival in Babelsberg – bucket hat alert! Next weekend we’re off to the birthday of St. Pauli Skinheads in Hamburg and [...] read more

Action Sédition / Bull Brigade 10″ Split “Héritiers Des Luttes D’hier, Militants d’Aujourd’hui” OUT NOW!

[FINALLY OUT NOW] Sensational split 10″ EP of Montreal’s Action Sédition and Torino’s Bull Brigade – two of the best active bands in antifascist and class struggling streetpunk of these days paying tribute to Brigada Flores Magon – one of the most important bands in antifascist and class struggling streetpunk ever. One cover song each [...] read more