“Fire and Flames 1: Technical problems 0” or: Welcome to our new shop!

As many of you probably noticed our website was quite inactive within the last months: no blog entries, no save-the-dates and no updates of our products. This issue was less our fault than annoying technical problems. But after days and nights of blood, sweat and beers we are pleased to present you our new shop. Of course better, more fancy and user-friendlier than ever before. As you can imagine it is quite a lot of work to import thousands of products into the new shop, therefore we act true to the motto „work in progress“, means that some stuff is still missing, but we`re gonna update the shop regulary with old and new products within the next days and weeks. And of course we`re always open for feedback, so if you have any problems with the shop just give us a hint.

And never forget: Lifestyle can be revolutionary but revolution is more than lifestyle!

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