Revolutionary City Walk: When the Red Flags Waved Over Kiel

A City Walk in the Footsteps of the Kiel Marines’ and Workers’ Revolt 1918

Saturday, 24.09.2022), meeting point: 1 PM Schlossgarten

On a city walk through Kiel, the events of the first days of November 1918 are reconstructed at the historical sites: What happened in Kiel in November 1918? How did the revolutionaries proceed, what were their aims? The lecturer wants to break through the predominantly patriarchal view of history by looking at women in the revolution as well as questioning common patterns of interpretation. By looking at the social democratic alliance with reactionary forces and their betrayal of the revolution, an arc is drawn to the present via the consideration of social democratic culture of remembrance in Kiel: What can we learn from revolutionary history?

The walk will take place as part of the Fire and Flames Festival 2022 and in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Schleswig-Holstein. There will be a translation into English.

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