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T-Killas from Aschaffenburg are back with a new recording. They are celebrating the anniversary of the band’s twentieth anniversary with their new album “Empowerment”! Musically, they remain true to themselves and continue to create their own sound from subcultural of subculturally linked styles such as ska, reggae, punk and power pop and never lose sight of the socially critical themes of the time in their socially critical themes of the time.

The album, which comprises ten songs, was recorded in the legendary Goldengrey Studio Frankfurt. This studio was perfect to record the five-piece band first in a live setting and then add a second guitar and vocal and percussion overdubs. overdubs. This type of production allowed for a natural grooving sound to emerge. Support on the musician Assaf, whom they met on their joint tour of Israel with the band “Skarate Kid” in 2019. got to know. These recordings were mixed by none other than the ska and reggae producer legend Victor Rice from São Paulo and partly dubbed depending on the song.

So we can look forward to further releases! To give the sound the final touch, the mix was mastered by Dimi Conidas from Frankfurt, who also goes the analogue route.It was not mastered for volume, but according to the dynamic mix of Victor Rice. So the recordings captivate with a warm, pushing sound.

The panther on the cover was designed by the artist Xilotrópico from Chile. The album layout is by Claas König, the owner of Ring Of Fire Records.

The album comes as a beautiful 500 vinyl edition with a 350g cover with inside-out print, as well as a printed insert on 300g recycled cardboard.

Side A:

1. Aggrovation
2. Mean machine
3. Sunny times
4. Holding on
5. Hot smoke
6. Reggae me out

Side B:

1. Dub me along
2. All my ways
3. Say their names
4. I don’t get no


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Released by the labels Ring Of Fire Records, Fire and Flames Music and Bad Look Records.


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