2019 – Cheers to the ffamily!

Another year comes to an end, the fifth of our second generation of Fire and Flames collective in Kiel. Another year side by side with wonderful comrades and friends from near and far, great journeys, our annual festival and a fistful of top class releases too (expect much more for the next year!). Thanks to everyone we worked with and who supported us, we and you know who you are – cheers to the family!

Politically our times remained fragile, with strong established reactionaries on the one hand – including successful and failed rightwing coups in Latin America, ongoing neonazi terror round here as well as massive attacks against the Rojava revolution -, but thanks to the worldwide climate movement, impressing uprisings from France to Chile or our smaller everyday struggles everywhere, also some moments of hope. We know that there’s still no alternative to the organised worldwide antifascist, internationalist revolutionary struggle – so keep it up in 2020 comrades!

Meet us at our local Fight The System – Celebrate Solidarity – Silvesterparty at Alte Meierei Kiel or in front of Holstenglacis prison in Hamburg tonight. Let’s come together, have a last drink in 2019, think of of our comrades behind bars and those we lost and – tomorrow – make history in 2020.

Cheers & never surrender!
FF Collective 2019

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