Gegen Nazis & Repression

Together with our comrades of Gegen Nazis und Repressionen – Freiheit für Valentin we’ve printed this beautiful solidarity shirt #5 for antifascist prisoner Valentin from Bremen. Valentin is kidnapped by the state since 1 1/2 months now after hard confrontations between antifascist ultras of Werder Bremen and nazi-hooligans in april. Since years antifascist football fans from Bremen are forced to defend themselves against neonazi-aggression in and outside the stadium. Valentin now shall pay the states‘ bill for their increasing succeslful resistance. It’s every antifascists duty to support those of us who have to abandon their freedom for being part of our common struggle whether their name is Valentin, Paul, Joel, Alfon, Jock or another. Give support by writing letters, join the demonstration for Valentin this saturday in Bremen or – as a small part of this important job – by ordering this shirt. All benefits will be transfered to the solidarity group in Bremen.


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