Moscow Death Brigade – Boltcutter CD Limited Box


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On 100 pieces limited, hand numbered Moscow Death Brigade “Boltcutter” box! Includes CD and exclusive MDB merch: Boltcutter bucket hat, Boltcutter key chain, MDB ski-mask, Boltcutter stickers, MDB button and tour poster.

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Moscow Death Brigade are finally catching on: After numerous tours and concerts here comes “Boltcutter”, the first regular MDB album. The infamous circle pit-hip-hop-Crew from Moscow expands its unmistakable mix of punk, hardcore, rap and metal in Europe with elements from drum’n’bass, dancehall, techno and grime. The result is a genre and scene-spanning explosive musical statement that speaks out against racism, fascism, sexism and bigotry and for rebellion, subversion, respect and unity and has the goal to get the various subcultures together on the streets and in the clubs to break the stagnancy.

The new album will be released as LP, CD and Digital on Fire and Flames Music (FFM055) and Rebel Sound Records.

Box comes with CD, croco-keychain, bucket hat with croco-embroidery, knitted balaclava with embroidered MDB-logo, button, poster and sticker-pack, boxed in a high-quality case.

01 Renegade Stomp
02 What We Do
03 Anne Frank Army Pt II
04 Boltcutter
05 All for One
06 Straight Outta Moscow Pt II
07 Collateral Murder
08 Brother & Sisterhood (Remix)
09 Rudegirl Warrior
10 Crocodile Style
11 Bonus Track – One for the Ski Mask
12 Bonus Track – Papers Please!

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Fire and Flames


Punk / Oi / Hardcore Europe, Rap / Hip-Hop

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