Moscow Death Brigade

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE is a hardcore/rap band from Russia, combining hip hop rhymes and beats, punk/metal instrumentals and political/social lyrics.

MDB has become one of the most active Russian antifascist bands, opposing all kinds of discrimination and fascism, organizing and taking part in benefit events and spreading the word of unity.

MDB shows usually attract the representatives of all kinds of subcultures: from punx, antifa, skinheads and metalheads to hip hop kids, graffiti writers and football hooligans, demonstrating that all of us are the parts of the same worldwide underground movement, based of friendship, mutual support and freedom.

2014 Moscow Death Brigade released their 9 song “Hoods Up” tape on vinyl and cd on Fire and Flames Music and in 2018 the album “Boltcutter” was released on Fire and Flames Music and Rebel Sound Records.

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