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Political Deutschpunk as it must be by three comrades from Hamburg who save the endangered spirit of the antifascist youth culture of the 1990s. No “self ironical” hipster-shit, but pure angry gravity. You call it ungraceful? We call it to the point. You call it rugged? We call it Punk! Five songs without frills with antiphon vocals and strictly political lyrics in german language talking about the german shift to the right and racist mobilisations, the society in total control, capitalist exploitation terror and greyzone-weirdos. Last but not least there’s also THE soundtrack of the hot days in Hamburg in the beginning of July on the EP: “G20 = Sachschaden”!

Seite A

    1. Retter des Abendlandes
    2. Ausser Kontrolle
    3. G20 = Sachschaden

Seite B

    1. Produktivität & Verfügbarkeit
    2. Keine Kompromisse

1 Euro of each sold record goes to the solidarity campaign of the Red Aid for victims of state repression because of anti-G20 activities.


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