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As most should know, FF is not precisely a good friend of states or capitalists, and for this reason we have decided to put in our little grain of sand in the campaign to make life as difficult as possible for them upon their visit to Germany in 2007 for the G8 summit.

Together with the comrades from Avanti (www.avanti-projekt.de) and Lucha Amada (www.luchaamada.de) we have put together a solidarity and mobilization sampler intented to both spread awareness of the upcoming summit, as well as raise money to finance the mobilization against it.

The sampler contains an informational booklet with texts in 6 different languages, as well as a comprehensive list of links intended to encourage people to find out more and get involved.

And who is on this sampler? Well…: 1* Jeunesse Apatride (Quebec), „La Victoire Sommeille“ 2* Anti-Flag (USA), “We Don’t Need It” 3* Chaoze One feat. Lotta C (DE), “Heimatmelodien” 4* Mono und Nikitaman (DE), “Für Immer” 5* Desechos (Spanish State), “Que Se Vayan Todos” 6* Banda Bassotti (Italy), “Coccode” 7* No Respect (DE), “How Much Longer?” 8* Mallacan, “Zierzo” 9* Los Fastidios (Italy), „Quel Giorno Arrivera“ 10* Turbostaat (DE), “Peterantjeseinsöhn” 11* ZSK (DE), „We Will Stop You“ 12* Brigada Flores Magon (France), “Pour Ma Classe” 13* Dulces Diablitos (Argentina), “Why?” 14* Sagarroi (Euskadi), “Ez eman Begirik” 15* Irie Revoltes (DE), „Voyage“ 16* Obrint Pas (Catalunya), “No Tingues Por” 17*Panteon Rococo (Mexico), „La Ciudad de la Esperanza“ 18* Rogue Steady Orchestra (DE), “Die Arche” 19* Klezcore (DE), “Pferdeporno” 20* David Rovics (USA), “We are Everywhere”

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