Pöbel MC – Backpfeife auf Endlosschleife / Stress & Raugln LP


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With „Backpfeife Auf Endlosschleife“, PÖBEL MC repeats the bundling of two EPs into a physical full-length album: The brand-new EP that gives the title is combined with the eight songs of the „Stress & Raugln“ EP, which were only released digitally in 2021, to form a long player with a total of 15 tracks. On this EP, it goes further into the future and back to the roots at the same time: the „Rollkragenschläger“ refines „his“ „Schellenesperanto“ into a rap language that short-circuits social and political commentaries, analyses and polemics with street romance, scene folklore as well as selfirography and self-criticism in completely unique territory. Flow, delivery and the beats have meanwhile provided PÖBEL MC with first-class recognition value – he has established himself as a champion in his self-established niche. „Backpfeife Auf Endlosschleife“ is a terrific follow-up hit!

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