An Anarchist FAQ – Ian McKay

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Basically the answer to every question you could ever have about anarchism, in a easily searcheable and readable format.This exhaustive volume, the first of two, seeks to provide answers for the curious and critical about anarchist theory, history, and practice.

More a reference volume than a primer, An Anarchist FAQ eschews curt answers and engages with questions in a thorough, matter-of-fact style. Having been an internet staple for over a decade, we are proud to offer this solicitously edited print version. AFAQ’s oversized and affordable format (topping out at over 700 pages) will ensure it a place on every shelf, where it will be consulted again and again. Table of Contents Section A: What is Anarchism Section B: Why are anarchists against the current system? Section C: What are the myths of capitalist economics? Section D: How does statism and capitalism affect society? Section E: What do anarchists think about ecological problems? Section F: Is „anarcho“-capitalism a form of anarchism? Appendix: The Symbols of Anarchy

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