Moscow Death Brigade – Throw Ya Canz Tour 2019

This is Moscow Death Brigade and you are about to witness the strength of Croc knowledge! THROW YA CANZ Tour 2019: 26.11. DE Wiesbaden Kreativfabrik 27.11. DE Stuttgart – Jugendhaus West 28.11. FR Montbéliard – Atelier des Môles 29.11. FR Dijon – Les Tanneries 30.11. FR Nantes – Les Ateliers de Bitche (SOLD OUT) 01.12. [...] read more

New MDB Video: Brother & Sisterhood

Moscow Death Brigade have released a new song and video containing a lot of stuff from their recent european tour, including some shots in our streetshop. Also, the band has announced the long awaited second album. The second press of the “Hoods Up” vinyl and the first CD issue are almost sold-out, the third vinyl [...] read more

MDB / DDM / OSA – Alte Meierei

Thx to 300 people rocking the Alte Meierei Kiel last Saturday. Thx to One Step Ahead, Drowning Dog and Malatesta and Moscow Death Brigade for outstanding performances, inspiring talks and several laughters. You are not just great artists but also good comrades who keep the struggle alive from the peripheries to the metropolises, from Limbach [...] read more

Moscow Death Brigade on tour!

To all you punx, skinheads, metalheads, hip hop kids, graffiti writers and football hooligans: Get prepared for some antifascist circle pit hip hop! Mighty Moscow Death Brigade are coming to town!

New Stuff in Town

+++ Solidarity T-Shirt and Grrlz Shirt bordeaux +++ Bahoe Books +++ Pocket Diaries +++ Hinter den Barrikaden – Eine Reise durch Nordkurdistan im Krieg +++ Wool Hats +++ Antifa Infoblatt Herbst 2016 +++ Stumbling Pins – Common Angst LP und CD and much more. Still hot: Action Sédition / Bull Brigade Split 10″ EP +++ [...] read more