Do. 01.9.: Moscow Death Brigade + Drowning Dog & Malatesta @ Alte Meierei Kiel

Fire and Flames Music presents:

Two years after the original date, which fell victim to the pandemic, we’re trying again in 2022: Moscow Death Brigade will of course stop in Kiel on the rocky roads of their “Bad Accent Anthems” tour!

ATTENTION: Unfortunately we had to postpone the concert again, but this time only by two months. Instead of 26.06. the concert will now take place on 01.09.2022. Please excuse the irritation! Unfortunately, Lena Stöhrfaktor had to cancel the concert for personal reasons. Instead, Drowning Dog & Malatesta will be performing!

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Boltcutter Vlad: “‘Bad Accent’ in the name of the record stands for what we see as an internationally recognisable dialect shared by those who are not afraid to expand their horizons, travel to new places, meet new people so they can get things done, survive and stand for the right things. They are often unfairly labelled by society as “undesirable elements” or “suspicious foreigners”. This album is a collection of anthems for the ‘Bad Accent brother and sisterhood’ to headbang….

Skimask G: “On the new album we combine the sound of the two previous albums while adding new vibes. We’re bringing back punk and hardcore beats with the beloved heavy metal guitars, but many tracks will still have heavy electronic elements, all with a twisted touch of Moscow Death Brigade. We call it Circle Pit Hip-Hop”.

Support: Drowning Dog & Malatesta (Class Combat Anarchist Electro-Hip Hop, Berlin/San Francisco/Milano)

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