Drowning Dog & Malatesta – Sick Of This Shit 12″ (FFM053)

Drowning Dog & Malatesta – Sick Of This Shit In proud co-release with EK Records, Disorder Rebel Store and BBoykonsian we present the fourth album by Drowning Dog & Malatesta – class conscious anarchist DIY electro rap project originally from San Francisco and Milano, meanwhile based in Berlin. 8 sophisticated tunes in english language. 12″ [...] read more

MDB / DDM / OSA – Alte Meierei

Thx to 300 people rocking the Alte Meierei Kiel last Saturday. Thx to One Step Ahead, Drowning Dog and Malatesta and Moscow Death Brigade for outstanding performances, inspiring talks and several laughters. You are not just great artists but also good comrades who keep the struggle alive from the peripheries to the metropolises, from Limbach [...] read more

Last music update in 2016

+++ Angry Cats, The – Rock’n’Riot in town EP CD +++ Angry Cats, The – s/t EP CD +++ Angry Cats, The – Outmonster the monster CD +++ Arrested Denial / The Bayonettes – Split EP +++ Aut Aut – Musica Di Periferia LP +++ Black Flag – Demos 1982 LP +++ Brigada Flores Magon [...] read more

Moscow Death Brigade on tour!

To all you punx, skinheads, metalheads, hip hop kids, graffiti writers and football hooligans: Get prepared for some antifascist circle pit hip hop! Mighty Moscow Death Brigade are coming to town!

Music Update!

LOOOONG TIME NO MUSIC SECTION UPDATES AT THIS POINT … SO HERE THEY ARE: THE NEW STUFF OVERVIEW OF THE LAST MONTHS: +++ Acero Moretti – Storia di un Disoccupato CD +++ Action Sedition / Bull Brigade – Split 10″ +++ Adversion – Poder y Gloria CD +++ Afonia / Titadine – Split 7’’ +++ [...] read more

Gipsy Mafia & The Gadje

Gipsy Mafia & The Gadje by Gipsy Mafia Gipsy Mafia has a new band called “The Gadje”. The promo EP, which was produced in CD format is for free and you can order it from the band or get in one of their concerts, for example in Kiel on October 1st. You can also download [...] read more