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Feine Sahne Fischfilet are not only one of the best emerging, young punk bands in the country, but perhaps also one of the most exciting phenomena in the German-speaking music circus. Three years after their last longplayer, “Sturm & Dreck” is their follow-up album eagerly awaited by the fans, which will spark discussions well beyond the punk scene. The 12 brand new songs hug you when things are getting hot – and things are always burning. Everything is there: Disillusionment, drunkenness, fun, agitation, reason and excess. “We experienced a lot and put a lot of personal stories on the album,” says singer Monchi. “You can hardly separate personal and political issues, they come from our own and from our environment.”

Feine Sahne Fischfilet has always been one of the best live bands in the Republic. Their concerts are rousing, a borderline experience, the total collective euphoria. So far, each album has been getting better and better at transferring that particular live energy to the albums, but Feine Sahne Fischfilet in the studio has never been more to the point as with “Sturm & Dreck”.

Tracklist LP:
A1. Zurück in unserer Stadt
A2. Alles auf Rausch
A3. Angst frisst Seele auf
A4. Schlaflos in Marseille
A5. Zuhause
A6. Alles Anders
B1. Dreck der Zeit
B2. Ich mag kein Alkohol
B3. Suruç
B4. Wo niemals Ebbe ist
B5. Wir haben immer noch uns
B6. Niemand wie ihr

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