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Bull Brigade | Oi/Punk | Turin/Italien

Bull Brigade was founded in 2006 in Turin, Italy. Both Eugenio and Daniele had just returned from the experiences of their former bands Banda del Rione and Bad Dog Boogie. At that time both shows had moderated on Radio Black Out when they came up with the idea to form the band. The first line-up consisted of singer Eugenio, bassist Daniele, guitarist Davide (formerly Banda del Rione and Youngang) and drummer Steve (Bad Dog Boogie). Rehearsals were captivating from the beginning and after a few years (during which the second guitarist Paolo CH / HC joined for a short time) the band recorded their first album “Strade Smarrite” (2008). Strade Smarrite brought the band an impressive number of shows. Thanks to the record’s success Bull Brigade was able to play throughout Italy and Europe, get to know hundreds of people and places and share the stage with the best bands of the Italian and European scene (Sham 69, Anti Nowhere League, Infa Riot, Cockney Rejects, Cock Sparrer, Stiff Little Fingers, Non Servium, The Oppressed, Angelic Upstarts, Brigada Flores Magon, Nabat, The Stab, Perkele, Stage Bottles, Toxpack, S-Contro, Gavroche and many more…) . Over the years Dany, Davide and Steve left the band due to time and family commitments. The first to fill the line-up was the historical bassist of S-Contro, Federico a.k.a. Bakus, with whom friendly and loyal relationships have existed for many years. Then came Paolino, ex-Los Fastidios, who moved to Turin for love (who was replaced by Gigio by Gavroche)… The band survived Steve Cemento’s departure with Yehudi’s change behind the drums.

In 2016 appears “Vita Libertà”, the second album 10 years after the birth of the band. It was presented on tours through many European cities, including the hometown Turin, then Rome, Paris, Madrid, Vigo, Berlin, Prague, Hamburg, Zagreb, Bratislava, Kiel and others. During this time there were some line-up changes: Bull Brigade welcomes two old school members on board who give the band new energy: a second guitar, played by Remo, formerly represented in Fuori Controllo and Bloodstain, and a new drummer, Mark Dread, from the melodic hardcore band Killjoy. The shows don’t stop, some split albums are out: The 7″ in memory of Colin Runnin’ Riot, together with their buddies Knockout, Gonna Get Yours and Hawkins Thugs was released on CROM Records. And the 10″ with Action Sedition from Montreal, Quebec, at the friends of Fire and Flames Music.

In the near future there will certainly be more news!



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