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Brixton Cats | Antifa Streetpunk’n’Roll | Paris/Frankreich


Paris punkrock legends Brixton Cats was formed in September of 2002 from the initiative of 4 more or less young people to form a punk rock group with an explicitly antifascist and anticapitalist outlook. Tristan (guitar), Jeff (bass), and Solen (vocals) were quickly joined by Victor, second guitarist and historic member of Brigada Flores Magon.

The band was soon ready for their first concert in February of 2003, fittingly at the annual celebration of the periodical “Combat Syndicaliste,” the monthly organ of the French CNT, concert where they shared the stage with Ya Basta and Brigada Flores Magon. The group was very well received, and started rapidly accumulating solidarity concerts and rock n roll parties. It wasn’t long before the band earned itself a place inside the antifascist music scene in France!

After Victor left the band to return to his native Mexico, the band was anyways capable of reorganizing and taking to the road. Together with Brigada Flores Magon, Brixton Cats toured Italy, and played in Annemasse at the anti G8 camp. Following this, it was finally time to concentrate on releasing a demo. The self titled, CDR recorded demo, which was released in 2004 ended up selling over 500 copies. At this time, Brixton Cats continues to play numerous solidarity concerts, as well as having an important hand in organizing concerts through the antifascist musical collective “Rock N Riot” and the Parisian redskin magazine “Barricata.”

A new lineup change became necessary for the band as Tristan decides to concentrate exclusively to his role as guitarist in Brigada Flores Magon. He is replaced by Mathieu, guitarist of Paranoi, discovered during a concert at the CNT where both groups shared the stage. With the new lineup, the band then plays concerts in Paris, Geneva, Rennes, Bordeaux, Nancy, Dijon, and Metz. They shared the stage with bands like Angelic Upstarts, Conflict, The Oppressed, La Souris Degluingee, Oi Polloi, The Movment, and Stage Bottles.

In July 2005, Brixton Cats finally enters the studio to record their first full length album. The result are 14 tracks, some from the demo and some new, and an excellent debut. The album is released in France by Solitude Urbaine, and in Germany by Fire and Flames Music. The vinyl version is to be released by Kanal Hysterik and Anarkoi (sublabel of Maloka).

In December 2013, the band released a second album, where Brixton Cats perfected their well-known and distinctive Streetpunkrock’n’roll. Quartier Maudit initially appeared digital only until it was released on vinyl in 2015, 4 1/2 years after the first announcement, by Fire and Flames Music, Appel aux luttes and Machete Records. Unfortunately it will probably be the last album …

After the end of 2013, the band announced its end and no longer played concerts, but they were back in 2018 on selected occasions in France, Canada and Germany again.

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