Thanks to the FF-Family – Only together we can win!

Even though the last year didn’t have much to offer again, we were at least able to enrich this dreary time with some more top-class releases. Thanks to all the bands we had the pleasure to work with in the past 12 months, namely Lorelei, Resistenz ’32, C4 Combat Rock, Lumpen, Krav Boca, Inner Terrestrials, [...] read more

Happy ACAB-day sale: 13,12% discount on 13.12.!

Get ready for another round! Tommorow’s one of the most important holidays of our culture: together with you we want to celebrate the resistance against state violence and police brutality once again. Same procedure as every year: we offer 13,12% on every order placed in our online shop on December 13th 2021 (CET). Just enter [...] read more

New in Shop: Relco London

Good news for all you smart dressed lovers of the good old british Skinhead and Mod style. We now have a small selection of Relco London goods in our shop. To be continued! „At Relco London we provide vintage clothing online for the contemporary era; we have everything you need to build your vintage wardrobe [...] read more

New in shop: Limbus Goods

May we introduce: Limbus Goods from Hamburg! “Away from primitive amusement culture, alienating district politics and the commercial exploitation of our neighbourhoods, there is still a core of people who make our hearts beat faster through their daily activities. LIMBUS GOODS wants to contribute to the everyday life of precisely these contemporaries who leave their [...] read more

Vive la Commune!

1871-2021 – long live the Commune! 150 years ago the people of Paris built the Commune, the first attempt to put socialism, council democracy and revolutionary emancipation into practice. “The Commune, not only those who governed it, but through those who defended it, set up an ideal for the future superior to all previous revolutions, [...] read more


In the last few weeks there have been a lot of activities regarding releases from Fire and Flames. Apart from the new album by Lorelei, who once again deliver technically perfect political punk rock, the first album by the Connewitz punks from Resistenz 32 is also out. Los Fastidios, What We Feel, Mister X and [...] read more

[FFM084] Resistenz ’32 – Krisenzeiten LP OUT NOW!

The Leipzig scene microcosm “Connewitz” unleashes its latest musical export hit on humanity. Resistenz ’32 bundle their energy and channel their rage against the existing system into 10 Streetpunk pearls. Unfortunately, the album title could not be better chosen with “Crisis Times”. While left-wing structures are increasingly marginalised and the right-wing mob appears more and [...] read more

[FFM085] V/A – United Worldwide Vol. 2 EP PRESALE

Presale – Release & Shipping: 05.02.2021 ! Benefit compilation for antifascist victims of state repression in Belarus with four unreleased songs of What We Feel, Los Fastidios, Mister X and My Terror. Many of us have been observing the situation in Belarus since the first days of the protests. Today everyone knows about the cruelty [...] read more