Toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum,The – Mama ich blute LP+CD


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12 new songs, which will either delight, discomfit, give pleasure, unsettle or take by surprise all their friends, enemies and critcs to the same extend. Although irony, bad taste and trash-concepts are one of the main driving forces behind the collective, there´s more to it than just mundane and unsavory docu-soap-dominated topics on uptempo Electro-Riot-Pop hooklines with speed: Behind their chavvy hedonistic mask and mottos like „to the top without rehearsal“ or „short legs, big mouth“ you will find talented musicians and songwriters who mash up cleverly a huge music-historic heritage from late 70ties / early 80ties female punk like KLEENEX or HANS-A-PLAST to 90ties US-Riot-Grrrl-Sound and Electroclash.

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Destiny Records


Punk / Oi / Hardcore BRD, Rap / Hip-Hop


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