We, the Anarchists! – Stuart Christie


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„Christie’s polemic underscores a great truth about the struggle against fascism: There is no middle ground. You may either resist fascism with all your might, or fall into the same abyss yourself.“–Rain Taxi

A detailed, scholarly study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI), a group of twentieth-century militants dedicated to keeping Spain’s largest labor union, the CNT, on a revolutionary, anarcho-syndicalist path. Stuart Christie’s analysis covers the history of Spanish anarchism and the Spanish Civil War, and provides lessons relevant to today’s largely neutered labor movement. A gripping and informative tale!

Stuart Christie is the co-founder of Anarchist Black Cross and Cienfuegos Press, and the author of Granny Made Me an Anarchist. He was imprisoned in 1964 for attempting to assassinate Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

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