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The STAGE BOTTLES have been flying under the radar of the mainstream media for 30 years, but have long been a fixture in their scene and internationally successful. They have released seven albums, play live around the world, have rocked with countless bands and always demonstrated poise. Now after ten years there is a new album with „We Need Each Other“. STAGE BOTTLES was founded in 1993 from a close circle of friends in the anti-fascist skinhead scene. Musically, the saxophone shapes the classic, melodic, aggressive punk rock, which is strongly based on classic English models. Lyrically, the focus is clearly on the call for active anti-fascism and a socially critical and anti-capitalist attitude. A pronounced affinity for football and subcultural topics occurs in a way that is often unconventional and very open, even for punk rock. Stage Bottles‘ biggest hits are „Sometimes Anti-Social, But Always Anti-fascist“ and „Dead but not forgiven“ as well as „Russia“, „All you need is hate“, „Too young to die“, „Come together“ „, „One world one crew“ and the song „Solidarity“ (based on the version by the band Angelic Upstarts“). The new studio album will be released on December 1st, 2023, at the same time the band is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Be ready for more punk rock Anthems like Useless Idiots, Power-Psycho, You’ll Never Stop Us (together with MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE), She Hates The City as well as the title track and first single! „We Need Each Other“ is not intended to be an empty phrase, but the basic slogan for the album. „A song about friendship, getting older, growing old with people who have been with you for decades. In addition, there should also be a reference to global problems. If we don’t try to solve things together, we won’t have enough strength to be successful,“ says Olaf Rüger, singer, frontman and head of the band. A title can hardly be more relevant these days, the STAGE BOTTLES are back and say what’s going on. With printed inner sleeve plus 4-page 12″ booklet.

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