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Are you still up for having a fight sometimes, like you did when you were young? Or maybe you are still young and still fighting? Is it fair enough if corrupt and exploiting capitalists die by ruining their own health? Have you got friends who think they are strong or hard, or would like to be ? And who are destroying themselves because of acting like this? Do you refuse to be ignorant? Have you decided to fight for your rights and other’s rights? Shouldn’t there be only “one world” for serious anti-fascists to believe in? Do you like Punk-Rock with heart and soul? Are you strong enough to prevent society from getting you down? Is your life at risk because you want to survive by being yourself? Aren’t wars always cynical? When politicians tell us it’s for peace, it’s surely just for hegemonic interests isn’t it? Do you want to know what an itchy life is? Do you think it’s destiny if a Nazi dies after being responsible for the death of others? Shouldn’t there be equal chances for everyone all over the world to live a good life? Do you hate people who are disturbing you while you are trying to relax by talking to you all the time? If yes, then you’ll love the brilliant new album „Fair Enough“ by Stage Bottles. 13 powerful new Punk-Rock-tracks with guitars, saxophones and a message.

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