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SCHWACH have been around for almost ten years now. In hardcore years, that’s at least sixty. Time to retire. Or not. Six years after their first LP „Kein Bock“ and more than two years after their last musical sign of life, the band is releasing their second album „Kälter“.

In the twelve songs on the album, SCHWACH tell in a diverse and multi-layered way about the attempt to remain true to themselves and critical of the prevailing conditions. The songs are about political anger as well as personal loss and the strength it can give you when you feel that you are not alone in all this. That there are others who feel the same as you and who are pulling together with you. Be it on the barricades or on stage or in front of it. „Punk is still the coolest thing“, it says in „Three Chords“, the last song on the LP. But punk is more than just that. Punk, as SCHWACH live it, is also a necessary corrective against the overall shit and a charging cable for the battery of individual resistance in the face of a world without joints.

The music itself is exactly what hardcore should be today if it wants to be more than cliché-eaten classic rock. At its core, SCHWACH still play nothing but extremely pissed-off youth crew hardcore. But around this core, the band builds an overall construct that goes far beyond the boundaries of standard hardcore. There are midtempo songs, guest vocals and, time and again, sound colours untypical of the genre.

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