My Poetic Licence. Selected poems and song lyrics (1998-2008) – Attila The Stockbroker


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2008 | 72 Seiten | Paperback

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My Poetic Licence/Asylum Seeking Daleks/Too Much Pressure/Supermodel/Poison Pensioner/Use of English/Spam/The Social Surrealist Weapons Inspector’s Report/Punk Night at the Duck’s Nuts/Shed Fire/Frogspawn Man vs. the Boy Racers/On Being ‚European’/New World Order Rap!/April Fool in September/Crime Writer/North Korea Mourns Comrade Mickey Finn of T.Rex/Dialectical Materialism, T.Rex and the Chinese/Two Glastonbury Errors/Effineff/Carriage H/On Being Defrosted/A Nasal Appraisal/Keeping Up Appearances/Beer Gardening/Braintree/A Hole Series/New Brighton/Falmer Pond/Spirit of the Age/The Brighton Workers’Bookstore/Farewell to the Vault Plus lyrics to 12 songs:Guy Fawkes‘ Table/Death of a Salesman/Hey Celebrity/Comandante Joe/Scumball Pinochet/Only Football/Abramovich’s Donkey Sanctuary/Baghdad Ska/Bunter’s Revolution/Song for the Defeated/Valentine’s Day/20 Years

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