Fermin Muguruza – Kontrabanda Komunikazioa Tour Do-LP


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KASBA MUSIC was created in 2004. A year before, Amparo and Joni, the creators of Kasba Music, managed the booking agency Hace Color. At the end of 2003, Hace Color began to organize Fermin Muguruza Kontrabanda’s tour of the Spanish State to present his album “In-komunikazioa”, concerts that were cancelled one after another due to pressure from the media platforms. of the Popular Party and the Spanish right and extreme right. After the first cancellations, arriving in Catalonia and being able to perform without major problems and in crowded venues (Salt, Lleida, Morell, Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, Barcelona, etc…) was like swimming in a pond of oil and for this reason The first of the two concerts held in the Apolo venue was recorded, specifically the one on January 21, 2004, which months later was published on CD. Now, today, 20 years later, it has been published for the first time in double vinyl format. Mythical.

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