Empowerment – Gegen.Kult LP


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Empowerment, Stuttgart’s finest hardcore-collective with the re-release of their milestone „Gegen.Kult“ from 2012. After several singles and demos the time was right for 12 ultra-angry, pissed, combative hardcore-punk-songs with some metal-influences and German lyrics. Hardcore straight from the streets with a long time missed attitude between Cro-Mags and Slime, Sick of it all and Toxoplasma combined to a raging cocktail. Far away from so called Metalcore-nonsense. 12 songs in nearly 30 minutes without any fillers and clear positions against homophobia, racism and all the other crap. „Gegen.Kult“ re-release comes in a thick gatefold-cover with additional poster-lyricsheet and downloadcode.

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