El Banda – Skutki uboczne Do-LP


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„This record is incredible! From beginning to end it’s solid; one of the few double-LPs leaving you wanting more! It’s dark and gritty lady-fronted hardcore from Poland, with some mid-tempo and melodic stuff. There’s some harmonizing vocals and some songs with a horn viola instrumentation (very tastefully done, though). But for the most part, this album is a rager; crushing, gloomy and fucking epic. To compare them directly to anyone would be difficult, because their music twists and turns around so many styles. At times they sound like a cross between MASSHYSTERI and OBSERVERS. Other times they sound like BEYOND PINK crossed with NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS. But out of all of that, they create something original, catchy and totally brutal. Not to mention the artwork looks fucking cool and their insert has the lyrics both in Polish and translated to English. One of the best albums of the month! Highly recommended!“ (Maximum Rock’n’Roll)

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