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Style: Streetpunk / Oi



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A REAL classic of antifascist streetpunk put out back in 1989. The Blaggers‘ – a band deeply connected to the british Antifascist Action of the late 80s and early 90s – first album was originally released on Roddy Moreno’s Oi! Records. Contains the 13 songs of the LP plus 11 (!) of the „Beirut“ EP and the damned rare „God Save The Cockroach“ promo LP. Must ‚ave!

1. On Yer Toez 2. Young Blaggers 3. Crazy 4. Skateboard Bob 5. Weekend Warriors 6. Bronco Bullfrog 7. Jail House Doors 8. Freedom Fighters 9. Britains Dream 10. Ireland 11. Greetings From Ireland 12. Save Your Hate 13. House Of The Fascist Scum Bonustracks: 14. Beirut 15. Real World 16. What For 17. Wonderful World 18. Ten Years On (live) 19. Meat 20. No Choice 21. See Naples And Die 22. Get Outa Here 23. I Don’t Know 24. It’s Up To You

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