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Everything here is based on the conspiracy theory. If palm oil goes clear now or if the deforestation of the rainforest ends up being a giant mess – the world is divided into two camps. Fridays for Future, regional smallholders and orangutans seem to agree: it’s not that clear. Here again, proven climate experts, e.g. Jan Leyk (known from „Berlin Day & Night“), argue against it. He says that the „shitty tofu sausage makes sure that the rainforests are cut down again. Palm oil, facepalm – whatever

What does all this have to do with the new album of the left-green-smoked punk quartet Akne Kid Joe? They are Team Orang Utan and FFF, so much for that. But is everything really under the sign of conspiracy theory? If you suspect a concept LP against nutella and co. because of the album title, you will be disappointed. As already on Karate Kid Joe, the band is getting wildly excited, but the range is much wider now. Central topics are – of course, conspiracy theory – but also left-wing classics like treason, binge drinking and insulting officials. But sometimes it gets really deep on the new album, e.g. with a 1.5 minute retelling of the end of a relationship on holiday in Italy. Or the question which is better – „Free Hugs“ or „Love Yourself“ T-Shirts

Musically, by the way, everything is also broadly based. Not so much Classic Rock as the predecessor, but from „Auf die Zwölf“ over funny minor chords to EDM a lot of things. There are even 3 seconds off-beat, but that was too stupid even for AKJ. Features are also on it, with real scene sizes (not Campino, not Jan Leyk either). And because it’s common knowledge that streaming is the hot shit and only some Ü30 old punk records and at most some boomer or CDs will buy, there will be a hidden track on the physical record as a „reward“

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