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Part 2 of this great international compilation-series including 26 all female* Punk/Hardcore bands from 15 countries.

1. BASOFIAS „No Sos Punk“ (Argentina)
2. MESSED UP „Who Gave You The Right To?“ (Belarus)
3. DAMN BROADS „Smile for the camera“ (USA)
4. CATPUKE „Eat the rich“ (Phillippines)
5. DEVASTADORAS „A paz nao existe” (Brazil)
6. PENADAS POR LA LEY „Suena, Vive & Peka“ (Argentina)
7. TORTEN SCHLACHT „Angst“ (Germany)
9. HEKSA „Sal De Mi Vista“ (Spain)
10. SHOOTING DAGGERS „Hostile“ (England)
11. REVIVIR HC „Cuidar“ (Chile)
12. LUCKY MALICE „Ingen forskjell”“ (Norway)
13. PIINAVIIKKO „Väsynyt“ (Finland)

14. ZIMNY MAJ „Anomalia“ (Poland)
15. ABIERTAS HASTA EL AMANECER „La Credencial“ (Spain)
16. THE VENOMOUS PINKS „I really don’t care“ (USA)
17. BEYOND PINK „Jag är en hund “ (Sweden)
18. THE DARTS „My way“ (USA)
19. SANTA MUERTE „Hipocrisia Never Ends“ (Brazil)
20. CHOKE COCOI „Gangstahlayp“ (Phillippines)
21. DERRUMBANDO DEFENSAS „Confrontar“ (Chile)
22. HANAKO  „пошел на_уй, мачо“ (Russia)
23. MOLESTYA „Sileno“ (Italy)
24. PALTAX „Linyeras“ (Argentina)
25. KJOLTYG „Fuck off” (Sweden)
26. KURRAKÄ „Otra dimension” (USA)

Cover design by Agnès Aubry. It shows Mumu, Singer of Attentat Sonore. LP comes with free CD version.


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Released in international cooperation with Mass Productions.



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