Union Thugs / Out Of System Transfer – Le combat reste le m​ê​me Split EP


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Hailing from Montréal, Canada the Union Thugs consider themselves first and foremost to be workers and then to be musicians. The band is made up of seven syndicalists who moonlight as a revolutionary folk rock band. Union Thugs has a specific goal: to rock folk songs and folk rock songs in order to present a revival of classic popular and working class songs with an original flavor while carrying the voice of Combat Unionism.

Carrying the banner of righteous weirdness, comes Out of System Transfer, Brookly, New York’s gonzo anti-folk punk rock radical leftist hootenanny. Their funny and fierce tunes blend the rage of Reagan-era punks like Dead Kennedys and Mojo Nixon with the rootsy feel and harmonies of acts like the Carter Family and Pete Seeger. With unparalleled energy, uncompromising radical politics, and an insatiable thirst for fun, these four anarchofolk weirdos share one primary main objective: to rock your entire ass off.

Union Thugs:

1.  All You Fascists (killer Woody Guthrie cover!)
2.  J’avance

Out Of System Transfer:

1.  Beneath My Feet
2. Two Pounds


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International collaboration with Rudy’s Back, Duré Realité, Rumagna Sgroza, PM Press, Rebel Time, Discos Machete and Sick & Twisted.

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Discos Machete, Dure Realité, Fire and Flames, PM Press, Rebel Time, Rudy's Back, Rumagna Sgroza, Sick & Twisted


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