Solidarity-Espresso Viaje Zapatista


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– Dark roast, strong espresso, 33% Arabica, 77% Arabica – Artisanal drum roasting by the Hamburg coffee collectives – Special funding: Gira Zapatista – Cooperatives: Yachil (Chiapas), Juantama (Colombia), IOFPCL (India).

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collaborative collective soli-espresso “Viaje Zapatista”

The proceeds from the sale of this soli coffee will go towards funding the world journey of the Zapatistas.

Only the costs for the green coffee, taxes and packaging will be deducted from this small roast. This will amount to about 6,- Euro. All other work in roasting and distribution is done on a voluntary basis and all surcharges are for the financing of the Zapatistas’ journey. Only while stocks last and not permanently available.

Italian-style blend of highland Arabica and Robusta,
Roasted coffee traded in solidarity from smallholder cultivation.

Developed from an artisanal drum roasting in collaboration with the Hamburg coffee collectives

1 third Arabica from Chiapas (Yachil Xojobal)
1 third Arabica from Colombia (Juan Tama)
1 third Robusta from India (IOFPCL)

More info:
Enlace Zapatista (multilingual from Mexico):
Eurozapatista (coordination in Europe):
Ya Basta network (coordination in Germany):

Collectives involved:

Aroma Zapatista, Café Libertad Kollektiv, La Gota Negra, Quijote-Kaffee


Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee
Non-EU Agriculture

Contains caffeine

Café Libertad Kollektiv eG
Stresemannstrasse 268
22769 Hamburg


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