Oi Polloi – Duisg! LP


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Style: Progressive Oi / Streetcrust / Anarchopunk


Label: Social Bomb Records

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OI POLLOI have existed since 1981. The anarchist Hardcore-Punk band from Scotland have been an important part of the D.I.Y. Punk scene throughout all the years. “Dusig!”, which translates in english into “Wake up!”, is the first LP release within six years. The lyrics are like always very politically motivated. OI POLLOI are campaigning for a more respectful exposure of our planet and its resources. The fight against war and oppression still an important issue of the band, which have been controversial discussed in the past. As one of the very few Punk bands using the gaelic language. Angry fast Hardcore-Punk songs can be heard on the new LP as well as more rockin´ midtempo songs, who are antagonizing the musical deadlock and also point out the further development of the band, which results into an eclectic and fresh new album. Where other bands are galling always the very same stereotypes, you are going to feel OI POLLOI´s evolving creativity and liveliness.

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