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Eight years after the last record Copenhagen revolutionary Mod band THE MOVEMENT released its fourth studio album “Future Freedom Time” on Concrete Jungle Records. And it’s about time because things are becoming increasingly uncomfortable these days. “There’s a lot of political stuff on the record”, front man Lukas Scherfig explains. “But not about Trump, because I don’t care, if it’s the Clinton family bombing Yugoslavia or Obama sending out drones. I’m against the empire regarding what president they have.” With uptempo songs like “Shake The Chains” the band expresses its anger about the system. “The biggest theme on this record is about work and that we live in a slave culture. Nowadays we can choose our employer, but we’re not free. That’s why we got songs like: ‘Future Freedom Time’, ‘Shake the chains’, ‘Revolt’ and ‘The modern times’. We want to fight the power and free the people!” Besides the soundtrack to this revolution, songs like “Rudie” and “I Want It” also include a declaration of love to the subcultural scene and Rock ‘n’ Roll. The positive vibes also predominate in “Always Be In Love” and “That Feeling”. 9 tracks, comes in digi pack.

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