„Make The Rich Pay“ T-Shirt


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  • black shirt
  • two-colour front print
  • round neck collar
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The permanent crisis of capitalism, which has recently led above all to massive price increases, affects everyone who does not have large wealth and absurd property. Fire and Flames has also been hit hard by these developments over the last year. As part of a scene that wants to stand out from the all against all of bourgeois society, we too have been able to rely on diverse support from friends and comrades from all over the world. This shirt is a direct product of that solidarity. The motif, which is as great as it is fitting, comes from our comrade Redskin7030 from Leipzig, who made it available to us for the explicit support of our project. The message is clear: it is not the working class and the common people who have caused the current disaster, but those who have been profiting from the crisis for years and hoarding wealth from the labour of others. With this consciousness, we have to organise and resist the transfer of the costs of the crisis onto our backs as a class and fight for a radical redistribution of the sickly unequal social wealth. Make the rich pay!

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