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Kobane Calling

Graphic Novel

60 Pages

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Kobane Calling is a short graphic novel telling the story of cartoon artist Zerocalcare’s trip to Bakur during the battle for Kobane in Rojava in 2014. This comic is a humorous and beautiful introduction to the Rojava revolution in Northern Syria – a revolution which has placed women’s right and grassroots democracy at its centre. It is one episode of a much larger book recounting Zerocalcare’s trip across Bakur and Rojava to witness the revolutionary struggles taking place there. Translated by British group Plan C, the book contains an introduction by Plan C, and an interview with one of their members currently volunteering in the region.

Profits will be going towards projects in Rojava and Kurdish solidarity work in the UK.

About the author:
Zerocalcare is a famous and popular comic book artist in the Italian radical left. He has written many books. In 2014 he travelled to Bakur and Rojava from which he wrote a full length graphic novel “Kobane Calling”.

About the editors:
Plan C are an anticapitalist group, predominantly based in Britain/the UK, who have been organising since 2014. Their current work includes labour organising in the gig economy, work around the social strike, antifascism, and solidarity with the revolution in Rojava. For more information about Plan C please head to www.weareplanc.org

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