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Punchlines and social criticism, turn-up and emotionality, wit and empowerment: The rapper Haszcara has her audience firmly under control. Already in her mid-twenties, the artist demolished more stages than most of the male-dominated hip-hop scene. Both technically and in terms of content, the Berlin-based artist plays in the upper rap league, convinces in the Cypher as well as on festival stages and incidentally also produces the majority of her own beats herself. Her 2017 EP “Roter Riese” and her debut album “Polaris” , which is released on Audiolith Records in 2018, demonstrates the versatility of the exceptional musician. In 2015, Haszcara made a vertical start from scratch by participating in the Video Battle Tournament VBT and has since proven like no other musical act in Germany that battle attitudes and political messages, rap as sport and vulnerability as strength are not contradictions. Haszcara does not need a masquerade, no special effects, but only a microphone to take the crowd. Their merciless honesty, their unparalleled rap skills and their unparalleled energy on stage make it clear: At this MC, the hip hop scene is no longer over. Haszcara is here – and her star at the rap-firmament shines brightly. “I was always your sunshine. But every sun will be a bomb in the end.” The live performance of the rapper is the best proof of that.

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