»Brucia ancora dentro« Film + Book


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Italy 2023 | 70 Minutes | USB + Book (80 pages) | Subtitles: Ita, Eng, Fr, Esp, El, De

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Twenty years after Milan’s black night, with Dax in our hearts.

DIY project by Associazione Dax 16 marzo 2003 & FOA Boccaccio 003

On March 16, 2003, Milan is once again the scene of a political murder: Dax, a young anti-fascist comrade raised in the Milanese suburbs and who was involved in the squatter scene of the neighborhood called Ticinese, was stabbed to death by three Neonazis. A few hours later, the comrades who arrived at the ER, where he had been taken, were beaten up by the police. That night is remembered as »Milan’s black night« and it marked a sign in the lives of an entire generation of young comrades, engraving in their personal and political stories the urgency of remembrance. Since then, the Dax affair has become a collective heritage, in Italy and Europe: it is a living memory that, year after year, has seen the streets of Milan filled with those who want to keep such memory alive. All of this continues to inspire the most recent struggles.

Through the voices of friends, comrades, and Dax’s unrelenting mother, we recall together what happened that night and the political antecedents of it: we move among judicial affairs and those personal experiences that twenty years later are still able to powerfully inspire new generations.


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