In the last few weeks there have been a lot of activities regarding releases from Fire and Flames. Apart from the new album by Lorelei, who once again deliver technically perfect political punk rock, the first album by the Connewitz punks from Resistenz 32 is also out. Los Fastidios, What We Feel, Mister X and My Terror have come together for an EP in solidarity with the anti-fascists affected by repression in Belarus and C4 deliver explosive revolutionary street punk from Sardinia. Then we are happy to (co-)release the fourth full-length by the anarcho-dub-punks Inner Terrestrials.

Lorelei – Cœur d’Acier LP+CD

Melodic political punk rock from Nancy. Lorelei’s second album contains eight technically and lyrically perfected songs. The LP comes with a free CD and an artistically high-quality screen-printed folding cover.

Resistenz ’32 – Krisenzeiten LP

The Leipzig scene microcosm “Connewitz” unleashes its latest musical export hit on humanity. Resistenz ’32 bundle their energy and channel their rage against the existing system into 10 Streetpunk pearls. Unfortunately, the album title could not be better chosen with “Crisis Times”. While left-wing structures are increasingly marginalised and the right-wing mob appears more and more self-confident, the elites make sure that they will by no means be among the losers of the Corona crisis. So singer Vanessa shouts out her obvious rage, supported again and again by choirs. The Punkrockers will be pleased, the Saxon internal secret service, on the other hand, will have to work overtime.

V/A – United Worldwide Vol. 2 EP

Benefit compilation for antifascist victims of state repression in Belarus including tracks from Los Fastidios, What We Feel, Mister X and My Terror.

Many of us have been observing the situation in Belarus since the first days of the protests. Today everyone knows about the cruelty and violence from Belarusian authorities towards all protesters. Since August, there have been about 150 political prisoners under custody, and about 1000 criminal cases have been started against people who just want to live in a free country. Against people who want to stop police brutality on the streets. And we would love to help everyone, but it’s not easy. What we can do is to help the most vulnerable – the families and children of antifascist protesters who have suffered repressions from the authorities.

C4 – La provincia odia EP

Explosive revolutionary Streetpunk from Sardigna. Four songs, two each in Sardinian and Italian language. EP comes with lyrics sheet.

Inner Terrestrials – Heart Of The Free CD

Brand new, now fourth full length studio album of the highly revered Inner Terrestrials from London. It contains 11 Anarcho-Dub-Punk pearls, as connoisseurs can expect them. CD comes in digipack.